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First of all, I congratulate all the parents, participants, organizers, coordinators on the jubilant success of ‘ITHT–2011’. IIT TALENT HUNT TEST – the initiative to create mass awareness about IIT–JEE sees its success in terms of the response it got from all across the state. With the exponential growth in the number of participants coupled with the inquisitiveness and unfathomable determination of the participants to crack IIT–JEE; we can just say ‘TOMORROW is OURS’. But, this is just the beginning….. and miles to go….

To reinforce and substantiate the dreams; to convert them into a reality; a concept called ‘SUPER–30’ takes the centre-stage.

SUPER-30’ is the platform which consists of thirty students at where a student can propel himself into the arena called IIT-JEE through guidance, motivation and of course by directional teaching methodology. ‘Super–30’ is an ambience to supplement them with all the ingredients, one needs to crack and clinch a rank within top 100 in IIT–JEE.

To search for those talents who can accept any challenges, can dare to dream and of course, can resonate with the concept called ‘Super–30’; a selection test will be held on 3rd April 2011 at different centers in Odisha.

Let’s join hands together and make Odisha the largest IITian producing state.
Mr. A.T Naidu
Academic Director
The classes for the successful students will start from 4th April.

Click here to know the details of “SUPER – 30”.
or Contact Mobile No:9861068149



VIII & IX June Last Week Naidu +2 Science College, BBSR
XI & XII June Last Week Naidu +2 Science College, BBSR

*More Information regarding ITHT Camp and Award Ceremony will be published on 10th March 2011 in the website.


Results ITHT 2011

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